Prince Albert Wand

Prince Albert Wand is a piercing jewelry that can double as a urethral toy. It consists of a tube that goes inside the urethra and a shorter stem that goes through the man’s PA piercing. In order to be able to wear a Prince Albert Wand you need to have a Prince Albert (PA) piercing. The shape of a Prince Albert Wand generally resembles a police nightstick. The wand has a ball on top that can be removed to allow for urination and ejaculation. It means that you can wear your Prince Albert Wand for long periods of time without taking it off.

While Prince Albert Wands are generally made for people with PA piercing, it is important to note that the stem can go through a different piercing, typically a Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA) piercing. In the case that a man has more than one piercing it is possible to make a customized Prince Albert Wand with more than one stem to go through all the piercing holes. Also, there are certain types of Prince Albert Wands that can be used even if you don’t have a pierced penis. These prince’s wands serve as urethral toys because they can provide pleasurable sensations for the urethra. Some of these wands are very long and made for people who enjoy urethral stimulation.