Pratt Sounds

Pratt sounds are urethral toys made for intense yet comfortable stimulation. They have a body that resembles Hegar sounds but are thinner and longer. Pratt sounds are characteristic by the angled tip. This angled tip is ideal for a targeted stimulation of your erogenous zones. Pratt sounds are great because they combine comfort with intensity so they are good for both beginners and more experienced users who wish to try urethral stimulation. It is possible to classify Pratt sounds as “intermediate” urethral sounds: they are not beginner urethral toys but are not too extreme, either.

Pratt sounds typically come in kits. Sounding kits contain anything from 4 to 12 (or even more) sounds so there are many different sizes to choose from. It is important to always pick a sound that is about as thick as your urethra. Using too thin or too thick urethral toys is dangerous. A great thing about Pratt sounds is that they are double-ended so you basically get the double number of sizes in one kit (for example, 8 sounds give you 16 different sizes to enjoy). Another good thing about Pratt sounds is that they are long enough to reach the prostate so they are ideal for those who wish to try some targeted prostate massage.