Plug Penis

Plug penis, better known as a penis plug, is a handy urethral toy that can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. While most penis plugs tend to be smaller than urethral sounds and not suitable for deep urethral simulation, there are also many of those who are much longer and ideal for experienced users. Since it is easy to find a small, gentle plug penis it is understandable that these toys are often used by beginners who want to try urethral play without pain and discomfort. A good plug penis is strong yet comfortable so it suits many different users with different experience levels. These toys are also very varied: unlike urethral sounds, they come in various shapes, sizes and textures. It is possible to choose a specific shape or a texture made for specific urethral sensations.

The most popular types of plug penis are those with a classic design. These penis plugs are short, smooth and have a nicely tapered tip for easy insertion. Many of them are also hollow so they have a cum thru hole so you don’t have to remove them to urinate or ejaculate. Other popular penis plugs come with a glans ring: this ring is attached around the penis head so it prevents the plug penis from getting out and it also provides additional stimulation during use. Popular penis plugs are also those with a heavy, pronounced texture ideal for more intense sensations. There are also plug penis toys with flexible parts for those who are looking for a super comfortable experience.