Pleasure Wheel

Pleasure Wheel is a sex toy which consists of one or more spiked wheels. The wheels can be used for gentle teasing or more intense, even painful, sensations. This is an excellent toy that is often used by those who enjoy BDSM. It is great for painful pleasures so those who enjoy pain will love to use it. On the other hand, a pleasure wheel doesn’t have to be too intense. On the contrary: when used gently, it is a great toy for teasing and sensual yet powerful feelings. In other words, a pleasure wheel is a very varied toy that can lead to many different sensations. While it is often used by those who love kink and extreme stimulation even those who don’t like niche activities can use it to their advantage.

A pleasure wheel has a handle and one or more rolling wheels. Each wheel has spikes that can be used to bring intense sensations to various sensitive spots. Typical number of wheels is seven, five, three or one. Those pleasure wheels with more spikes tend to be gentler because the sensation is distributed over a bigger area. The most intense pleasure wheel is the one with only one wheel. This one is reserved for the most experienced users who like very intense and even painful sensations.