Play Piercing Needle

Play piercing needle is a needle used for play piercing procedures. Needle play is a form of body modifications: these are temporary piercings done for the sensation and the experience of piercing the skin. These are not piercings in the true sense of the word because they are not expected to heal like regular piercing, nor is any permanent jewelry an option for these piercings. Needle play, also known as play piercing, is an activity done for the sensation itself. These piercings are done using play piercing needles at various areas of the body. These areas are not the typical spots ideal for regular piercings. Most play piercings are done on the back, chest area, shoulders, legs and arms. These piercings are surface piercings and are typically done in groups. Some of these piercings are made to form special figures that provide an attractive aesthetic effect. Other play piercings are done more randomly and just for the experience and sensation of piercing the skin.

In order to engage in needle play safely, it is important to use the right equipment. This is where a proper play piercing needle come in handy. A play piercing needle is a sterilized hypodermic needle that has to be very sharp so it can pierce quickly. These needles typically come with Luer hubs of different colors. Colors typically signify the gauge of the play piercing needle and can also provide added aesthetic for the group of piercings.