Pincher, also known as a claw or a talon is a special curved taper that can be used for gradual stretching of your piercing. These pinchers look very effective when inserted in a stretched piercing so they often double as piercing jewelry. Some people call them “gauges”, along with other jewelry for stretched earlobes, such as ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets (eyelets), spirals, and more. However, keep in mind that “gauge” is a term referring to a measurement – it means the size (diameter) of the piercing hole and the diameter of body jewelry pieces that fit this hole. In this sense, a pincher is not a “gauge” but a jewelry piece and a tool for stretching your piercings.

A typical pincher has a thinner end and a thicker end. To stretch a piercing, simply insert the pincher and move it a bit toward the thicker end. In order to prevent injuries, it is best to do this gradually until you reach the thicker end. Many people prefer to slowly stretch their piercings over several days. A pincher is more than a taper, though: this is a very effective jewelry piece that can attract attention to your stretched lobes. The thicker end of a pincher often has a decoration such as a bead or a gem. In order to keep your pincher in place make sure to use an O-ring on the thin end. This will prevent the pincher from slipping out.