Piercings Pain

Piercings pain is the pain experienced during the procedure and after it. While people usually refer to piercings pain as the pain during the procedure, it is important to know that some piercings can hurt during the healing. However, the fear many people feel is almost exclusively related to the pain during procedure, namely, the pain when the tissue is pierced. Some people are so scared of piercings pain that they avoid to get a piercing, even if they want to have it. It is important to understand that piercings pain during procedure is typically over quickly and in many situations it is smaller than what people fear. Also, it is always possible to opt for a low-pain piercing to avoid discomfort during procedure. Piercings such as earlobe piercing, navel piercing or tongue piercing are known to be less painful than what people imagine. Even some more serious piercings, such as some genital piercings, are not as painful as they may seem. People who are scared of piercings pain but wish to get a piercing are strongly advised to find an experienced piercer and book a consultation. A good piercer will guide you through the all stages of the piercing process so you will understand it better and hopefully stop worrying over piercings pain.

The other type of piercings pain is the one associated with the initial stages of healing. While many people forget about it and while it is not a source of fear, it is important to note that this pain can be significant. For this reason, people are advised to take a pain killer after the piercing procedure (not before it!) so they don’t have to suffer through the pain in the initial stages of healing. This pain should disappear in a few days following the procedure but if it continues, consult your piercer because there might be a problem with your piercing.