Piercing Retainer

Piercing retainer is a special jewelry made to keep, hide and retain a piercing when regular jewelry is not inserted. As you probably know, taking your jewelry out puts you at risk of the piercing hole shrinking. That is the best way to lose your piercing. Piercing retainers prevent this by inserting a soft, flexible piercing retainer in the piercing hole. Most piercing retainers are made of soft, flexible materials and they are typically transparent, which makes them almost invisible. As such, they often make good hiding jewelry because they can make your piercing less visible and unnoticeable. This is great news for those situations in which you need to hide your piercings or make them super discreet.

There are many reasons why you might want to use a piercing retainer. These are generally used when you cannot use your regular jewelry. For example, many hospitals forbid you to wear metal jewelry, particularly for specific procedures. The same goes for airports, so you might opt for a piercing retainer in these situations. Another reason might be that your workplace or another situation doesn’t allow for body jewelry so piercing retainers are good for hiding your piercing. Finally, there are some situations in which you might want to remove your metal jewelry for safety but you wish to keep your piercing. For example, pregnant women are often advised to remove their navel jewelry or nipple jewelry, especially if it’s made of metal. It is a good idea to replace these jewelry pieces with a piercing retainer. This is a safe choice that will help you keep your piercing without endangering your health.