Piercing Pains

Piercing pains are pains associated with piercings. There are two main types of piercing pains: pain during the procedure and healing pains. Procedure pains are mainly related to the piercing itself: during the procedure, skin and tissue are pierced to create a hole. Since this is mainly done without a strong anesthetic, there are some pains to be expected. While many people are mostly concerned with this type of pain, it is important to understand that the initial hours after getting your piercing done can bring discomfort and pain even if you don’t expect them to happen. This is important to remember because there is a misconception that the piercing hurts only when the hole is created. In reality, pain in the hours following the procedure can often be more significant than the short pain of the procedure. This is important to remember if you want to have piercings.

Some people have a strong fear of piercing pains even if they like piercings. These people may be scared of piercing needles or simply be scared of the pain associated with creating a hole in the tissue. These people need to understand that the pain during piercing procedure is typically short lasting and often not as significant as they fear. With an experienced piercer, the hole is created quickly so there is no much time to experience this pain. On the other hand, the piercing can get very sore or even swollen in the hours following the procedure. In order to feel better you can take a pain killer but make sure to monitor your piercing closely. It should not hurt for days and pain, swelling and other issues should slowly go away. If you notice that the pain is getting stronger or if there is pus, bigger swelling or other sign of trouble, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. These symptoms may be a sign of a piercing infection and you need to take care of it quickly. Piercing infections are relatively easy to cure if you catch them in the start but they can also spread quickly and cause serious health trouble. To avoid this, make sure to see your doctor if piercing pains persist for days without getting weaker.