Piercing Needle

Piercing needle is a special instrument made for performing body piercings. A piercing needle is a specially designed needle made for quick and effective piercing results. These are must-have tools in every reliable piercing studio. Piercers (piercing artists) use them to perform all kinds of piercings. This is the main tool for performing piercings and often the only one a piercer needs to use. Piercing needles are sterile, safe and designed to cause less damage to the surrounding tissue. Also, they are very sharp so they can pierce the skin quickly, which causes less pain for the client. Piercing needles come in many different thicknesses (gauges) to produce holes of different sizes. They typically range from small needles (18 gauge) to very large ones (8 gauge or bigger). The size of the needle and the resulting hole will depend on many factors, first and foremost, the type of the piercing and the body part that is getting pierced. Some people are scared of piercing needles but they are actually less painful than they look. If you want to have a piercing with the least pain, it’s important to get pierced with a needle.

It is very important to perform a piercing with a piercing needle and not a piercing gun. Piercing guns are bad and can cause a lot of trouble. Only amateurs use them; proper piercing studios will always use needles. Most piercings are performed with piercing needles, except for some extreme and complex piercing procedures that require larger holes to be made (for example: transscrotal procedures). Most of the time, however, piercings are performed with needles so it’s important to find a studio that uses them.