Piercing Hypergranulation

Piercing hypergranulation is a common piercing problem. Hypergranulations are red bumps that form around the piercing and while not huge in size, they will sure make any piercing look ugly. This is why it’s so important to notice a piercing hypergranulation forming and to take care of it. Hypergranulations are the most common with new piercings that are still in healing but they can form at any time. Typically, a piercing hypergranulation forms around a neglected piercing or when you don’t clean your new piercing properly during the healing process. This is why it’s so important to perform adequate aftercare for your piercing and to generally take a good care of your healed piercings. However, it is important to note that a piercing hypergranulation can appear even on clean, well-cared piercings so it is important to monitor your piercing regularly to notice any potential problems.

There is also a less common type of a piercing hypergranulation that manifests itself as red, puffy tissue around the piercing. This type of piercing hypergranulations do not form bumps. To prevent piercing hypergranulations, make sure to keep your piercing clean but dry. A piercing hypergranulation typically forms in a moist environment. The good news is that piercing hypergranulations are not as dangerous as keloid scars. A piercing hypergranulation can typically be healed without retiring your piercing, as long as you notice it on time. Applying light saline soaks several times per day to the affected area may help fixing the problem. However, make sure to dry your piercing properly after applying the saline soak.