Piercing Hemostat

Piercing hemostat is a tool used in piercing procedures. Hemostats are used in piercing studios to insert dermal anchors, to hold piercing needles, to pick up jewelry and for many other tasks. Piercing hemostats are actually surgical tools. Surgeons use them to clamp body vessels and for some other tasks during surgeries. While piercings are not as complex as surgeries, there are certain tasks that piercers perform that are ideal for the use of a piercing hemostat. Many body modifications require the use of this tool and it can also be helpful during the piercing procedures. A piercing hemostat is also known as hemostatic clamp or arterial forceps, so there are many different names to search for.

A piercing hemostat has handles and a locking mechanism. The handles can be kept in place using the locking mechanism. This mechanism is designed in such a way to allow the user to adjust the pliers’ clamping force. It is very useful when performing numerous piercing tasks. A piercing hemostat is an excellent tool for holding piercing needles during the procedure. Another way to use a piercing hemostat is to insert dermal anchors under the skin. Finally, a piercing hemostat can be used to pick up body jewelry during procedures.