Piercing Gloves

Piercing gloves are gloves that piercers wear while performing a piercing or doing other tasks that require sterile conditions. Piercing gloves are a must have and any piercer who doesn’t wear them is not a reliable professional. It is important to be pierced only by a person who correctly and regularly uses piercing gloves for all the tasks in the studio. Piercing gloves are typically medical gloves and are used for the same purpose: to prevent the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from one person to the other. They also prevent the one person’s blood to come in contact with someone else. Wearing piercing gloves is an essential part of performing piercings and an absolute requirement that a piercer has to fulfil.

Piercing gloves are typically nitrile medical gloves that are completely sterile. It is very important that the piercer uses a new pair whenever doing a new task, even if it’s the same client in question. Of course that it is mandatory to replace piercing gloves between clients but many times one piercing procedure requires the piercer to change gloves. A reliable piercing studio will have plenty of sterile piercing gloves that the employees use. Never agree to be pierced by a person who refuses to wear piercing gloves or who uses them unfrequently!