Piercing Fourchette

Piercing Fourchette is a female genital piercing on the perineum. It is one of the most popular female genital piercings in the world. Piercing Fourchette begins at the lower rim of the vulva and ends on the perineum. In order to be able to receive this piercing, you need to have a pinchable flap of skin in this area. Not all women have it, so not all of them can receive a piercing Fourchette. If you wish to have this piercing it is important to consult an experienced genital piercing who can examine you and determine if you can accommodate a piercing Fourchette.

In many ways, piercing Fourchette is seen as a female version of the male Guiche piercing. Of course, there are some notable differences. While a Guiche piercing is completely done on the perineum, Fourchette always starts at the rim of the vulva and can sometimes go through a bit of the vaginal tissue. Since this is a very specific placement, it is important to get pierced by a very knowledgeable piercer who has plenty of experience with Fourchette piercings. Piercing Fourchette typically uses a curved barbell as jewelry although there are people who opt for circular barbells or various types of rings for their piercing.