Piercing Forceps

Piercing forceps, also known as piercing clamps, are a must-have tool in all piercing studios. These forceps are used for holding the piercing needle during the procedure or to provide additional support for performing a piercing. Keep in mind that not all piercings and technique use piercing forceps. However, it is very common to use forceps to perform a piercing so it is considered a necessary tool in the piercing industry. The use of piercing forceps often depends on the individual piercer’s style but most professionals use them regularly for various types of piercings. It is important to remember that piercing forceps can make the procedure much more precise, which limits the number of errors. This will also make the procedure easier for the piercer and the client. Since piercing forceps make the whole thing quicker it means less pain and discomfort for the client. It is important to know that piercing forceps reduce errors and all the other potential problems that may occur. This is why it is a necessary tool for piercers and can also be used for many other body modifications.

Piercing forceps come in several distinctive types that piercers use. The most popular type are the mosquito clamps: these are small clamps that hold the needle during the procedure and ensure better positioning. Other popular types are Foerser clamps that come with eyelets and can include a slot for the needle. These are very popular for tongue piercings. Septum clamps are another popular type that is often used for septum piercings.