Piercing Caliper

Piercing caliper, sometimes known as caliper, is a special instrument that can be used by piercers and clients to measure jewelry sizes. A piercing caliper can also be used for measuring the skin distances to mark the appropriate spots before piercing. This is a handy instrument that can be of much use to anyone who has many different jewelry pieces and it is a must-have in a piercing studio. A piercing caliper consists of special hinged legs that can be opened and closed in many different ways. The instrument also includes slides that serve as indicators, though some indicators can be digital. When the legs of a piercing caliper are opened, the scale shows measurement. The most common way in which piercers use calipers is to mark proper spots for piercings. For many piercings, it is important to mark the special distance between piercings or to make a piercing a one specific spot. This is where this instrument come in handy.

A piercing caliper is also of much use to piercers and piercing enthusiasts who wish to measure their jewelry. Many calipers come with inverted legs that can be inserted into a circular jewelry piece such as a ring or a circular barbell. These legs can be used to measure the inner diameter of the jewelry piece. This diameter is important because not all sizes of rings and barbells will fit all piercings. Many times, it is important to get a ring or a circular barbell with a specific inner diameter so this is where a piercing caliper can be of great help.