Piercing Artist/Piercer

Piercing artist/piercer is a professional who performs piercings and other body modifications. Typically, piercers work at piercing studios and adhere to strict standards of service.Your piercer has to have a license for performing the piercings and they should work in a professional piercing studio. Professional studios have autoclave machine as well as other equipment for safe and hygienic work, so this is something to keep in mind. Remember that a piercer has to learn their job so it’s important to ask for their portfolio to see their work.

Since body piercings are a sensitive thing and can bring certain risks, it is very important to choose a good piercing artist/piercer. This person has to be knowledgeable and experienced in their job. It means that they should know how to perform the exact type of the piercing you are interested in. Certain piercers specialize in specific piercings, such as facial piercings or genital piercings. Think about this when choosing your piercer. Another thing to keep in mind is the studio itself. You should choose only piercers working in reliable, professional studios. Never agree to be pierced by an amateur such as your friend or a random person at a mall kiosk. Similarly, do not even attempt to pierce yourself – this is a recipe for a disaster. Before booking the procedure, take your time to research piercers in your area and take at least one consultation session. This will help you decide on the best piercer for your needs.