Pierced Penis

Pierced penis is a penis with one or more genital piercings. There are many types of penis piercings and they are more popular than some people might think. The most popular penis piercings include those piercings done on the glans or around the glans, such as Prince Albert (PA) piercing, Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA), Apadravya (vertical penis glans piercing), Ampallang (horizontal penis glans piercing) and Dydoe. There are also popular Frenum and Lorum piercings, as well as Dolphin piercing. Frenum piercings are typically done under the glans but they can be positioned anywhere along the shaft. Lorum piercing, on the other hand, is always performed on the base of the penis. Some popular glans piercings, such as Apadravya and Ampallang, also have their shaft versions, though these are rare.

Penis piercings can look very beautiful and attractive. In addition to this, a pierced penis can enhance pleasure during sex for both partners. This is why penis piercings are known as “functional piercings”: they can provide pleasure for the wearer and his partner. While not all penis piercings are equally good at enhancing pleasure many do have this exciting feature, which is one of the main reasons why so many men like to have a pierced penis. Jewelry for penis piercings include Captive Bead Rings, circular barbells, straight barbells and other body jewelry types. It is very important to choose only high-quality, smooth jewelry for your pierced penis because it is a sensitive area and your penis jewelry has to be safe.