Pierced Foreskin

Pierced foreskin refers to penis foreskin with a piercing. There are many different ways to pierce a foreskin but the main one is Kuno piercing that goes near the top of the foreskin. Other pierced foreskin options include piercings to the side or even on the bottom, but these are much rarer. It is important to understand that a man generally has to be uncircumcised to have a pierced foreskin. In other words, these piercings are made for uncircumcised men. However, some circumcised men can also have a pierced foreskin, as long as there is enough foreskin left to receive a piercing. If you are in doubt, book a consultation with an experienced piercer. They can examine you and tell you if you are a good candidate for a pierced foreskin. If not, there are many other male genital piercings that you can get.

It is not difficult to perform a pierced foreskin procedure, but this needs to be done by a professional. Foreskin is relatively thin, so it is not difficult to pierce it. Also, pierced foreskin procedure is generally not painful. This is particularly true for Kuno piercing, since it only pierces the foreskin for the entry hole and exits through the natural opening in the foreskin.