Perineum Piercing

Perineum piercing is an intimate piercing done on the perineum. This is a form of a genital piercing that both men and women can get. There are several different ways to pierce a perineum, so there are several types of perineum piercings. Some are unique to women while others are unique to men. However, most perineum piercings resemble one another in some way. The most popular type of a male perineum piercing is a Guiche piercing. This is one of the most popular male genital piercings in general. The most common female perineum piercing is a Fourchette piercing that is also very popular, but not as common as some other types of female genital piercings.

A Guiche piercing is done on the perineum, typically centrally, though other placements are also possible. Depending on the individual anatomy and preferences, this perineum piercing can be located closer to the testicles or close to the anus. Keep in mind that a piercing that goes through the anal sphincter and perineum is considered a true anal piercing, even though its part goes through the perineum. This piercing is relatively rare. A Fourchette piercing starts at the edge of the vaginal opening and exits at the perineum. As such, it goes partially through the vaginal tissue even though the majority of the piercing is located at the perineum. Typical jewelry for a Guiche piercing is a Captive Bead Ring while Fourchette piercings generally use curved barbells or Captive Bead Rings.