Penis Rods

Penis rods are specially designed toys made for urethral stimulation. Penis rods are inserted into the urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Since urethral play carries certain risks, it is very important that all penis rods that go inside the urethra are specially designed for this purpose. As such, it is best to use proper penis rods, such as urethral sounds and penis plugs. Never use random objects and household items as penis rods: this can be very dangerous and it can cause injuries and numerous other problems.

The most popular types of penis rods are urethral sounds. These toys truly resemble rods because they are long and can reach very deep into the urethra. However, keep in mind that many other urethral toys are also known under the name of penis rods, such as penis plugs, Prince’s wands, urethral trainers, urethral stretchers, cum stoppers and others. Penis rods are very popular among all fans of urethral stimulation because they can reach truly deep. They are ideal for those who want to try prostate massage and other types of deep urethral stimulation. Beginners should start their use of penis rods slowly so they can develop their skill before using longer and more extreme types of urethral toys.