Penis Rod

Penis rod is a special toy that is designed to be inserted into the urethra. These penis rods are also known as urethral toys. The most popular types of penis rods are urethral sounds, which are long and can go very deep into the urethra. However, there are also other types of penis rods, such as penis plugs, Prince’s wands, urethral stretchers and trainers, cum stoppers, and more. It is important to understand that these penis rods are specially designed to be inserted into the penis. These are specialized sex toys that are designed in such a way to provide safe yet arousing stimulation. Inserting random objects or household items is very dangerous and can lead to troubles such as infection, injuries and other problems.

A good penis rod is long enough to reach to the most sensitive parts of the urethra. For men, this is prostate and the deep parts of urethra. However, urethral play can be very fun even if it’s not that deep so it doesn’t mean that you need to insert a urethral rod too deep. In fact, going deep is recommended only to people with plenty of experience. Beginner users should start to experiment with penis rods carefully and gradually in order to avoid injuries and other problems.