Penis Pump

Penis pump is a special device made for penis enlargement and enhancement. There are many different penis pumps to use, depending on the construction and the way they work. The basic principle behind a penis pump is that attracting blood flow to the penis on a consistent basis can eventually lead to enlarged penis and harder erections. The blood flow is typically achieved by creating vacuum. Penis pumps always include a tube that goes around the penis, a sealing mechanism such as a band that goes around the base of the penis and the technology that creates vacuum. There are many different ways to create vacuum inside the pump. For example, some penis pumps work manually while others are automatic.

A special type of a penis pump is the one that works with water. These penis pumps are known to be particularly effective, though results to vary based on the individual. Some of the most popular water penis pumps are WatrBuddy, AndroBath and Bathmate. On the other hand, if you prefer a classic penis pump, there are many good designs to choose from. However, it is important to remember that results will depend on your anatomy and your use of the pump. Some men gain more in girth than in length, while others notice improvement in the quality of their erections. A good penis pump can provide satisfactory results but you need to be patient and use it according to instructions.