Penis Jewelry

Penis jewelry is body jewelry made for penis piercings. There are many popular types of penis piercings, such as Prince Albert (PA) piercing, Apadravya, Ampallang, Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA), Frenum, Lorum, Dydoe, and more. These piercings require special penis jewelry that is safe for the body and completely smooth. Smoothness is required so the jewelry doesn’t hurt the penis and to be comfortable for everyday wear. Most penis piercings use jewelry types that are also used for other piercing types. The most popular penis jewelry styles are Captive Bead Rings (or other types of rings), circular barbells, straight barbells and curved barbells. It is always important to wear only penis jewelry types suitable for your piercing. When in doubt, consult your piercer about the best type of penis jewelry to use.

Another type of penis jewelry are various sex toys you can wear on your penis. While not jewelry in the strict sense of the word, many of these adult toys are gorgeous and look great on the penis. The most popular types are decorative cock rings and ornamented penis plugs. These are specialized sex toys that are made to enhance pleasure. However, some of them are extra ornamented so they can double as penis jewelry.