Penis Inserts

Penis inserts are specially designed toys that go inside the urethra. These penis inserts are known under many names: penis toys, urethral toys, penis rods, and more. All toys that get inserted into the urethra are penis inserts but it is very important to use only toys that are specially made for the purpose of urethral stimulation. It is very dangerous to use random objects as penis inserts: it can lead to infections and serious injuries. Make sure to always use proper toys and real penis inserts designed for urethral play.

The most popular penis inserts are urethral sounds and penis plugs. Both of these penis inserts can be very long, which means that they can go very deep into the urethra. Other types of penis inserts include Prince’s wands, cum stoppers, urethral stretchers and trainers, and more. All of these penis inserts are specially designed to go into the penis so they are safe and can bring a lot of pleasure. Penis inserts are made in such a way to hit all the sensitive spots: the urethral walls, prostate or even the bladder. Of course, not all penis inserts can go that deep and doing very deep urethral play is not recommended for everyone. Only the most experienced users should use their penis inserts so deeply. However, even a shallow urethral stimulation with penis inserts can be very fun if you are careful and gentle.