Penis Dilator

Penis dilator is a urethral toy made for comfortable and arousing urethral stretching. There are many different urethral toys you can use as a penis dilator so it is possible to choose the ones you like the best. Generally speaking, all urethral toys can be seen as penis dilators in some way, since they do stretch the urethra when inserted. There are many different diameters of urethral toys to choose from and the resulting feeling and stretching will vary. Some people choose to use regular urethral toys such as penis plugs and urethral sounds as penis dilators. This is not wrong: after all, these are the most popular urethral toys and most people who like urethral stimulation use them for masturbation and couples play. However, keep in mind that regular urethral toys are not really made for stretching your urethra so they may not be best for this task.

In order to stretch your urethra comfortably and without issues it is best to use specialized penis dilators. A good penis dilator is specially designed to provide comfortable and gradual urethral stretching without pain. These penis dilators, also known as urethral stretchers or urethral trainers, are there to slowly and comfortably enlarge your urethra and allow you to take larger toys. They typically have segments of various diameters so you can take one at a time and slowly stretch your urethra to a larger size. This is the best way to go for those who wish to stretch their urethra in order to use thicker urethral toys and enjoy urethral play.