Painful Piercings

Painful piercings are those that cause a lot of pain during the procedure and, possibly, during the healing time. Most people only take into the account the procedure pain, but keep in mind that the initial healing time can often be more painful than the procedure itself. That being said, there are certain piercings that are more painful to perform than the others. If you are scared of pain you are advised not to get these piercings. The most obvious type of painful piercings are genital piercings. Many of them are among the most painful piercings you can get. However, not all genital piercings are painful (for example, Prince Albert and Vertical Clitoral Hood are not known to be particularly painful) so it all depends on the type of the piercing you wish to get. Other sensitive and painful piercings include nipple piercing but also some relatively common piercings, such as certain ear cartilage piercings.

It is important to know that a lot of this is individual and largely depends on your pain level. Also, a skilled piercer can make even the most painful piercing feel less overwhelming. In fact, many people claim that even the more painful piercings were not as bad as they feared. That being said, if you are absolutely scared of piercing pain it is best to choose a relatively painless piercing. Book a consultation with your piercer to see what kind of painful piercings to avoid.