Painful Piercing

Painful piercing is a body piercing that causes significant amount of pain during the procedure. Most of these piercings are complex but there are also some relatively simple piercings that tend to be painful. This is why it is so important to be informed about any piercing that you want to get. It is also a good idea to consult a piercing chart so you know what to expect and how to avoid a painful piercing if you are scared of pain during procedure. Keep in mind that these charts can only give you an estimate. The exact pain you can feel during the procedure will depend on many different factors. Some people have a higher pain threshold level than the others. Also, a lot will depend on the piercer so it is important to find an experienced individual with plenty of experience performing just the type of piercing that you want to get. This is the best way to minimize pain during the piercing procedure.

If you want to avoid pain, it is also advisable to avoid piercings that are known to be painful. The most popular painful piercings are complex genital piercings though there are exceptions, too. When it comes to regular piercings, there are some surprisingly painful piercings that you need to know about. For example, ear cartilage piercings, nostril piercings and some lip piercings are more painful than they look. While these are not complex piercings and are not truly painful piercings, they can hurt more than people expect.