PA Jewelry

PA jewelry, also known as Prince Albert jewelry, is body jewelry used for Prince Albert piercings. Prince Albert is the most popular male genital piercing and the most common genital piercing in general. It is therefore not surprising that there is a great demand for high-quality PA jewelry. Prince Albert jewelry is typically not uniquely made for this piercing type. In fact, Prince Albert piercings generally use regular body jewelry styles that can be used for many other piercing types. However, PA jewelry pieces need to satisfy some additional criteria, such as high-quality materials and smooth surface. Smoothness is absolutely crucial since PA piercing is done on such a sensitive body area.

Typical PA jewelry includes circular barbells, curved barbells, Captive Bead Rings, segment rings, fixed bead rings and other types of piercing rings. There is also a specialized PA jewelry made for Prince Albert piercing: Prince’s wand. This jewelry piece doubles as a mini urethral toy because it goes into the urethra. The wand has special mini-posts that go through the PA hole on one side and urethral opening on the other side. Prince’s wands are considered both a PA jewelry and sex toys because they can enhance the sensations for the wearer.