Organic Jewelry

Organic jewelry is body jewelry made of organic materials. While most body jewelry pieces are made of metal, such as Surgical Steel, titanium or 14k gold, there are also certain body jewelry styles that are made of organic materials. This is particularly true for the large gauge jewelry designs, typically made for stretched piercings. The most common of them all are jewelry styles for stretched earlobes but these organic jewelry pieces can be used for some other stretched piercings, too. The most common organic materials for body jewelry are glass, stone, wood, horn and bone. Typical organic jewelry pieces include ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets, headhunters and spirals.

Organic jewelry can look very effective and produces unique jewelry pieces. Since these materials are organic, all markings, texture and colors on the jewelry are typically natural. As such, each organic jewelry piece is unique and like no other. This is great for those looking for a more striking jewelry design. However, keep in mind that organic jewelry pieces are not good for new piercings in healing or damaged piercings. Your piercing has to be completely healed and healthy if you wish to wear organic jewelry. Also, keep in mind that organic jewelry pieces are good only for the short-term wear.