Orbital Piercing

Orbital piercing consists of two separate piercings connected by the same ring. It is typically done on the ear cartilage, so most orbital piercings are ear orbital piercings. However, it can be done on other parts of the body. As long as you have two piercing holes one the same side, connected by the same ring, you have an orbital piercing. This piercing type got its name because of the effect it produces: when jewelry is in place it truly looks like the ring is orbiting the ear or another body part. Typically done on the helix, this is one of the popular piercing types you can choose.

Orbital piercings are similar to Industrial piercings in many ways. Both are done in pairs and essentially are two piercings connected by the same jewelry. The main difference is the placement of the piercings in relation to each other and the jewelry used to connect the piercings. With Industrial piercings, the jewelry in question is a long straight barbell. With Orbital piercings, it is a ring. Most Orbital piercings use Captive Bead Rings but it is possible to use another type of a body piercing ring.