Nose Ring

Nose ring is a body jewelry ring used for nose piercings. There are many different popular types of nose piercings so not all jewelry used for them is identical. Also, it is important to note that some people call all types of nose jewelry “rings”, even those jewelry styles that are not rings at all, such as barbells or studs. That being said, rings do make a popular choice for various nose piercings. You can wear them in your nostril piercing or in a septum piercing. The most popular nose ring style is Captive Bead Ring but many people choose different body ring types, such as screwball rings, fixed rings, seamless and segment rings, and more.

Nose rings are not unique jewelry types made for nose piercings only. Most of these rings can be used on various other piercings, too. The same goes for barbell used for nose piercings, such as circular barbells which are a popular choice for septum piercing. If you are looking for more unique body jewelry that is made for nose piercings alone, it is best to look for special nostril jewelry. These jewelry styles, known as Nose Bones, Nose Screws, Fishtails and L-Bars, are specially designed for nostril piercings. Most of the time, you can choose whether you want to wear one of those or a nose ring in your nostril piercing. Septum piercings offer less room for jewelry experimentation. Typical jewelry for this piercing includes rings and circular barbells.