Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is among the most popular piercings in the world. A nose piercing is typically done on the nostril (Nostril piercing), though there are some other common placement to use, such as septum piercing. A great thing about a nose piercing is that it can be as bold or as discreet as you want. This is a good choice for those who are only starting to experiment with body piercings and want something relatively simple. Nostril piercing is by far the most popular nose piercing. It is done on the soft part of the nostril. Both nostrils can be pierced and many people choose to have more than one piercing per nostril. Typical jewelry for nostril piercing is specialized jewelry made for this piercing type alone. There are several common nostril piercing styles, such as nose bones, nose screws, L-bars and fish tails. Another way to go is to use Captive Bead Rings for your nostril piercings.

Other popular nose piercing is the septum piercing. Septum piercing is performed on the thin piece of skin in front of the septum cartilage in the nose. The cartilage itself is not pierced so this is not a particularly complex piercing. Typical jewelry for septum piercing is Captive Bead Ring or curved barbell. Those looking for something more extreme can try more complex and rarer nose piercings, such as nasallang. This piercing goes horizontally through the nose, from one nostril through the septum and out through the other nostril. This piercing is more intense so it’s recommended to more experienced body piercing enthusiasts.