Navel Orbitals

Navel Orbitals are special navel jewelry pieces that consist of a curved barbell and a richly ornamented orbital. These are very attractive and shiny so they are ideal for special occasions. A navel orbital is a richly decorated jewelry piece that typically includes a rounded part, shiny gems and other decorations. There are two types of navel orbitals: those that come with a navel barbell and those that do not. Many navel orbitals include a curved barbell that goes inside your piercing just like any other navel piece. Other navel orbitals do not come with a barbell but they are designed in such a way to be easily attached to any navel barbell that you already have. With a navel orbital you basically get two navel jewelry pieces in one. Since the navel orbital itself doesn’t go through the piercing hole it can be made of various materials. For example, many navel orbitals are made of Sterling Silver, since it is shiny and can easily be shaped in various decorative forms. However, the barbell itself that goes through the piercing has to be made of a super-safe body material, such as Surgical Steel or 14k nickel-free gold.

The main purpose of navel orbitals is to enhance a belly button piercing to the fullest. As such, they are not everyday navel piercing jewelry. Since they tend to be big and richly ornamented they are not practical to be worn on everyday basis. They can get snagged on clothes or other items so it is best to use them only for special occasions. Also, if you choose to wear a navel orbital it is best to have your belly button naked and not covered by the clothes. This will prevent the injury to your navel orbital and it will display your navel piece for everybody to admire it. This is why navel orbitals are great for special occasions: they make your piercing look super elegant and luxurious.