Navel Jewelry

Navel jewelry is body jewelry used for a navel piercing (also known as belly button piercing). Since navel piercings are one of the most popular piercings in the world, there are many different navel jewelry types, styles and designs. This great variety of belly button jewelry gives customers plenty of freedom to choose the best jewelry for their needs and preferences. Navel jewelry typically comes in two main designs: curved barbell and Captive Bead Rings. These are by far the most common navel jewelry types but they are not the only ones you can use. Some people prefer to wear rings of other kinds, such as fixed bead rings or seamless rings. Others prefer different types of barbells, such as circular barbells. Curved barbells are by far the most common navel jewelry style. These barbells have a bar (shaft) that is slightly curved, which makes the jewelry sit comfortably against your skin. Certain curved barbells have a notable J-shape and these are known as “banana barbells”. Curved barbells made for belly button piercing tend to be very beautiful and richly ornamented. Many of them are made of 14k nickel-free gold and include gems, chains, dangles and other decorations. Rings for navel piercings vary from plain ones to Captive Bead Rings with shiny gems and decorative beads that can attract a lot of attention.