Navel Jewellery

Navel jewellery, also known as navel jewelry, is body jewelry specially designed for navel piercings. Most of the navel jewellery pieces are curved barbells but there are other belly button pieces you can use. Navel piercings are among the most popular piercings in the world so there are many navel jewellery options you can use. Navel jewelry is typically richly ornamented, elegant and luxurious so it attracts a lot of attention. The main types of navel jewellery pieces are curved barbells and rings, though many people choose to use other jewelry styles. Captive Bead Rings, fixed rings and screwball rings tend to be the most popular types of rings for navel piercings, though there are those who like to wear seamless and segment rings in their belly button piercings.

Curved barbells, also known as bananabarbells (or bananabells) are a popular option for navel piercings but some people choose circular barbells or even straight barbells and spirals for their navel piercings. Curved barbells have a slightly curved shaft so they sit well against the belly button. These barbells have two beads on ends (one on each end). Typically, at least one of the beads have a gem or another ornament that makes the jewelry piece more attractive and luxurious. Many navel jewellery pieces contain dangles, charms and other decorations that make the piece even more stylish.