Navel Chains

Navel chains are special chains that can attach to the navel jewelry to make it more elegant and stylish. Some navel chains go all around the waist to make a super attractive effect. Some navel chains are an integral part of navel jewelry or can be seen as navel accessories. Other navel chains are not part of navel piercing jewelry and simply go around the waist. Those navel chains that are part of the jewelry come in two types. The first type is shorter and it attaches directly to the belly button jewelry piece. These navel chains are also known as navel dangles. Some come directly with navel jewelry pieces and others are sold separately. The second type of a navel chain is longer and it goes all around the waist. It is attached to the piercing jewelry on the front so it makes a very attractive effect.

There are also those navel chains that are not attached to navel piercing jewelry in any way. In fact, you don’t even have to have a pierced belly button to wear this type of a navel chain. These chains simply go around the waist and are not incorporated in navel piercing jewelry. Navel chains of all kinds are typically made of gold or other luxurious materials. Many navel chains come with shiny gems and other decorations for an even more attractive look. All types of navel chains are ideal for special occasions and outfits that leave naked stomach to emphasize the navel chain and navel piercing, if the person has one.