Navel Accessories

Navel accessories are additional decorations that come with navel piercing jewelry. Typical navel accessories include dangles, gems and charms. Belly button jewelry pieces are among the most richly ornamented of all body jewelry. Some of this richness is achieved with the help of attractive navel accessories. Some of these accessories are integrated with curved barbells and other navel jewelry pieces. Other navel accessories are sold separately so you can easily attach them to different navel jewelry pieces that you wish to wear.

Dangles are among the most popular navel accessories. These are shiny chains that dangle from the body of the jewelry. Most dangles are made of gold but it is also possible to have dangles made of other materials. Some dangles have additional gems on ends, which makes the navel jewelry piece even more stylish and eye-catching. Gems are common navel accessories. They are often integrated in the navel jewelry piece itself and can be found on other jewelry pieces such as ear jewelry or lip jewelry. Gems are shiny and come in various colors. Some gems are simple zircons but it is also possible to have genuine gems in your navel jewelry. It is also possible to have genuine diamonds in your navel jewelry pieces. Charms are special additions that can be attached to your navel jewelry. They come in numerous shapes, such as flowers, hearts, sun, moon, various animals, and more. They can look very cute on a navel jewelry piece.