Nasallang Piercing

Nasallang piercing is a nose piercing that goes horizontally through the nose. It actually consists of a left nostril piercing, septum piercing and a right nostril piercing. These piercings are all considered a single piercing and are connected by the same jewelry piece. Since a Nasallangpiercing combines several piercings, it is considered somewhat complex. This piercing is relatively rare but there are people who choose it and some piercers who are very experienced at performing the procedure. Essentially, a Nasallang piercing combines a left and right nostril piercings with a septum piercing. As such, it has many of the features of these piercings with some added ones. Due to the fact that it connects several piercing holes with the same jewelry piece, it can be seen as a form of an Industrial piercing, only done through the nose and not ear.

Nasallang was first publicized in the 1990s and its name is very similar to the Ampallang genital piercing. Ampallang is a horizontal piercing through the head of the penis. A Nasallang takes the same principle and goes from right to left all the way through the tissue but this time through the nose and not genitalia. Typical jewelry for a Nasallang piercing is a long straight barbell that can accommodate all three of the holes. Industrial barbells work best for this situation.