Nape Piercing

Nape piercing is a surface piercing done on the back of the neck. This is one of the most popular surface piercing locations and one of the most common neck piercings out there. A nape piercing can be solitary or made in pairs or groups. Perhaps the most common option is to have one nape piercing that is relatively long and covers a large surface of the nape (back of the head). While it may seem like an extreme piercing, it is important to note that a nape piercing is relatively simple. Neck might be a sensitive area full of nerves but a nape piercing is a surface piercing. It means that it doesn’t go deeper than the surface of the skin and it doesn’t touch the nerves. As such, it doesn’t bring much risks and it is not considered a particularly complex piercing. Typical jewelry for a nape piercing is a surface bar.

Just like any other surface piercing, nape piercings are prone to problems such as migration, rejection and other issues. This is the main issue with this piercing type. Those who like surface piercings and want to try a nape piercing know that it might pose further problems down the line or that it might not be long-lived. Newbies need to understand that surface piercings are generally not long-lasting and that there is a good chance that you will need to remove your nape jewelry after a few weeks or months. Even with this problem, nape piercings are relatively popular because they are very effective and can look like attractive jewelry on the neck.