Monroe Piercing

Monroe piercing is a lip piercing done on the upper lip. This is one of the most popular lip piercings in the world. Monroe piercing is defined by its placement: it is done off-center, on the left-hand side of the upper-lip. As such, it is made to resemble Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark (hence the name). The exact placement can be done higher or lower on the upper lip so there are some slight variations of the piercing. Your piercer should be the one to decide the best placement for your Monroe piercing but provided that you are anatomically suited for it you can suggest your favorite placement. Monroe is not a particularly complex piercing so it is a great choice for those who like to have a discreet yet attractive facial piercing.

Typical jewelry for a Monroe piercing is a labret stud, though some people choose to use Captive Bead Rings or other types of piercing rings. Monroe piercing has some popular variations, first and foremost the popular Madonna piercing. A Madonna piercing is very similar to a Monroe piercing but it is done on the right side of the upper lip. It is also possible to have both Monroe and Madonna piercings on the upper lip. This combination is known as Angel bites, one of the so-called “bites piercings”.