Milking Stick

Milking stick is a special toy made for milking of the prostate. Prostate milking is more than any P-spot stimulation: it produces special sensations and ejaculation without an orgasm. Prostate milking is typically practiced in the BDSM community as a mean of power and control. This is more than a simple prostate stimulation so it requires specific techniques to work. While some people can milk the prostate by using a finger inserted into the partner’s anus, there are also special toys you can use. The most popular toy for prostate milking is a milking stick.

A milking stick is typically a toy with a long, thin handle and a more pronounced head with a pointed tip. The tip is important because the pointy end ensures targeted stimulation for the prostate and just the type of sensations you want to produce in order to milk the prostate. Milking sticks are generally anal toys but there are also urethral milking sticks that are made in the form of urethral sounds. These milking sticks can be used to milk the prostate directly through the urethra. While this is a more direct approach it is important to note that most people still use the anal method of milking the prostate. This is why you should seek anal milking sticks you can use for targeted P-spot massage and problem-free prostate milking.