Mikes Spikes

Mikes Spikes, also known as Mike’s Spikes, is a powerful male chastity device made for effective CBT. This excellent toy includes numerous screws with spikes that can be tightened as much or as little as you want. Depending on the design, a Mikes Spike device can also be used as an intense ball stretcher. As such, this device can fulfill many different roles and assist in numerous BDSM games.

Mikes Spikes device typically comes with a lock and a key. This is an excellent way for those who want to practice male chastity to have some exciting time. There is no escaping from this device until your keyholder sets you free! Since the spikes can be tightened or loosened, the inner diameter of this device changes. Typically, the largest inner diameter is about 44mm but it can go down to almost an inch when all the spikes are tightened. The spikes are specially designed to be fully adjustable so you can have your device be as gentle or as intense and painful as you want. As such, this male chastity device is great both for those who only want to try some intensity and those who want to engage in full CBT (cock and ball torture) routine.