Migrating Piercing

Migrating piercing is a piercing in the process of migration. Migration is a common problem that involves a piercing being moved from its original place. This can cause numerous problems because the placement and the exact piercing spots are carefully chosen to make for the best results. If a migrating piercing shifts its place, it can lead to discomfort or loss of functionality of your piercing. Also, changing of the spot may not look good, so migration ruins the aesthetics. The worst of all, a migrating piercing may run into additional problems that prevents it from being healthy. This can lead to additional issues, such as scarring, infections, rejection or the eventual loss of the piercing.

It is not always easy to notice a migrating piercing until it’s too late. This is why it’s important to monitor your piercings regularly to notice any changes. Generally speaking, a migration will manifest itself as jewelry changing the position. Sometimes, a piercing gets migrated a bit but it settles on the new spot. If it doesn’t cause discomfort or other problems, you may leave it in its new place. However, migration is not always possible to stop. In extreme cases, you may be forced to retire your piercing before it gets rejected. While retiring your piercing is no fun keep in mind that this is a much better option than waiting for a piercing to get rejected: rejection can leave a nasty scar that can prevent you from getting re-pierced on the same spot in the future.