Medical Sounds

Medical sounds are special urethral toys modeled after real urethral instruments that doctor use for examinations. These urethral sounds are perfectly designed to be comfortable and to provide safe urethral stimulation. Since they are modeled after real medical instruments they are very exciting for those who wish to practice medical fetish. These sounds typically come in kits (6,8 or more sounds per kit) so there are many different sizes and diameters to choose from. When using a medical sound, make sure to always have some sterile lube ready to make the experience smoother and more comfortable.

The most popular types of medical sounds are Hegar sounds. These are great for beginners who wish to try urethral play for the first time. However, these are not the only sounds you can use. If you wish to try urethral sounding you may also choose among other types of sounds, such as Rosebud sounds, Dittle sounds, Hank sounds, Pratt sounds, Van Buren sounds or Guyon sounds. Some of these are more extreme than the others but many are modeled after the real medical instruments. These medical sounds are very intense and pleasurable urethral toys that are safe to be used for various types of urethral play scenarios.