Male Sounding

Male sounding is a sexual activity that involves inserting special toys into a man’s urethra. Male sounding is also known as urethral sounding, urethral play, cock stuffing and urethral insertion. All of these terms refer to the practice of inserting toys into the urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Male sounding can be very arousing and pleasurable for the men who are into it. While not all men like this sort of stimulation, those who are into it claim that it’s one of the most arousing feelings in the world. The urethra is very sensitive so rubbing a toy against its walls produces many pleasurable sensations. Not to mention that urethral toys make the orgasm stronger and more powerful. Another great thing about male sounding is that the urethral toys can be used for direct prostate stimulation, which many men find incredibly arousing.

Male sounding is an exciting and pleasurable activity but it carries certain risks. You need to know how to avoid these risks to stay safe during urethral stimulation. The most important thing you can do to stay safe is to choose proper urethral toys. You should never sound yourself with random objects or household items. This increases the risk of injuries, pain, urinary tract infections and other problems. These issues are the main consequences of urethral sounding so you need to know how to avoid them. The best thing to enjoy male sounding is to use a proper urethral toy designed for the purpose of urethral play. You should also use plenty of sterile lube to make the experience more comfortable. Also, it is important to take some time and not to rush things out. Male sounding requires some skill so you need to learn how to insert urethral toys and how to slightly move them in and out for the best results. It typically takes some time to learn this technique properly, so it’s important to practice.