Madison Piercing

Madison piercing is a piercing done through the skin at the front of the neck. This is a relatively rare piercing but there are still many people who choose it. This piercing got its name after the porn star Madison Stone, who was the first person publicly associated with this piercing. Madison piercing is a surface piercing and it is actually among the more popular of the unusual surface piercings you can get. As a surface piercing, Madison piercing has a high rate of problems such as migration, rejection and other issues. It is also important to remember that this is a very sensitive piercing because of the placement, so it is vital to find an experienced piercer who knows how to do it without a problem.

Madison piercing is placed horizontally at the base of the neck (jugular notch), usually a bit above the collarbone. While this is not a particularly complex piercing it does have a long healing period. Because of this, it is important to perform aftercare properly and regularly. This is the only way to prevent infections and other problems. Typical jewelry for a Madison piercing is a surface bar. This is particularly common for new piercings in healing. However, some people opt for flexible barbells. In rare cases, people choose to wear Captive Bead Rings in their Madison piercings.