Lowbret Piercing

Lowbret piercing is a rarer variation of a labret piercing. It generally looks the same as labret, but it’s done very low on the lip. As such, Lowbret piercing is a more original spin of the very popular and common lip piercing. While there are many people who choose this placement, it is important to note that Lowbret piercings are still somewhat rare. A Lowbret piercing resembles a regular labret piercing in many ways. The only notable difference is the placement. Unlike regular labret, which is done centrally on the lower lip, a Lowbret piercing is done very low on the lip. This produces a different effect but otherwise looks very similar to the regular labret. Typical jewelry for a Lowbret piercing is a labret stud.

At the same time, such a low placement makes a Lowbret piercing in many ways different than the regular labret. Simply put, it makes the piercing behave and heal differently, so this is something to keep in mind. It is particularly important for the healing time, since this is when the piercing is the most vulnerable. A Lowbret placement can make the piercing uncomfortable so this is one of the reasons why this piercing is somewhat rare.