Lorum Piercing

Lorum piercing is a male genital piercing performed on the underside of the penis, near the base. Lorum is a variant of the popular Frenum piercing and is very similar to regular Frenum. Just like the Frenum piercing, Lorum is done on the underside of the penis, typically centrally on the shaft. Unlike Frenum, however, Lorum piercing is exclusively performed very low on the shaft, near the base of the penis. The name of the piercing signals the placement: Lorum comes from “Low” and “Frenum”. In short, this is a low Frenum, the one that is performed low on the shaft.

There are numerous similarities between a Frenum and a Lorum piercing. In many ways, this is the same type of a piercing but with a slightly different placement. Just like Frenum, Lorum piercing is relatively easy to perform and heals quickly. Also, just like Frenum, Lorum piercing uses circular barbells and Captive Bead Rings (CBRs) as the main jewelry. There are certain differences between these two piercings, though. The placement itself can produce different feelings. Frenum piercing positioned right under the penis head is typically more sensitive than Lorum piercing. On the other hand, Lorum piercing can provide a nice stimulation to the wearer’s partner during sex. Many people choose to have numerous Frenum and Lorum piercings connected together into the so-called Frenum ladder.