LITHA Piercing

LITHA Piercing is a special approach to piercing aftercare that stands for “Leave It The Hell Alone”. This approach claims that leaving your piercing to simply heal on its own is much better than using special products for cleaning of your piercing. Those who are into LITHA piercing approach claim that a new piercing should be cleaned only in the shower, with plain water. After the shower, some say that the piercing should be dried with a towel. Other than that, the piercing should be left alone. Proponents of this approach claim that a piercing heals best when it’s left completely alone. Using special cleaners or touching your piercing for too much can only make the matters worse, claims LITHA piercing approach. It is particularly dangerous to twist and turn the jewelry during the healing time.

While twisting and turning of the jewelry is definitely not recommended, not everybody believes that LITHA piercing approach is the right way to go. The alternative is saline soaks approach, in which a new piercing is cleaned several times per day with a gentle saline solution. It is important that this solution is not too strong so it doesn’t irritate your new piercing. Also, it is important to use only natural saline solution and not artificial cleaners. Using saline soaks a few times per day and leaving your piercing alone otherwise is a good compromise between overdoing it and full LITHA piercing approach. Many people choose this combination because it seems to work great for most piercings in healing.